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First, lets make sure you're eligible for Plentiful.

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Thank you for your interest in Plentiful! To apply, you'll need an EFRO ID for your pantry. Please speak to your food funder(s) about locating and/or applying for one and get back to us. *

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Would you or a colleague from {{answer_Yaj2}} like to attend one of our upcoming workshops? *

Plentiful workshops provide and opportunity for pantry staff to see Plentiful in action, receive hands on training, and apply for hardware grants with the help of Plentiful staff.

Great! We are glad that you'll be joining us for a workshop. Just a few quick questions for your RSVP.

Who from  will be attending? *

Space is limited so please plan on having a maximum of two representatives attend.
Do you have decision Making Authority for {{answer_Yaj2}}? *

Help us customize your on-boarding package.

{{answer_Rl0U}} please fill out the section below to the best of your knowledge. This section is designed to gather some background data so we can provide the proper assistance in adopting Plentiful.
We might be able to help you import your client data. Do you keep electronic records that include name, phone number, date of birth, zip code, and household size? *

Groovy. Do you want our help importing your existing records into Plentiful? *

Does your pantry take reservations or use a line based system? *

Does your pantry distribute food according to Client Choice? *

Does your pantry distribute by household size? *

Would Spanish materials be helpful for your clients? *

Do you have access to WIFI at your visitor check in location? *

Would you use a Chromebook to run Plentiful if we provided one? *

A Google Chromebook (small touchscreen laptop) and additional hardware are provided free of cost through a grant agreement
Great. This will help us provide customized materials to introduce your clients to Plentiful and get your service up and running. Is
{{answer_Rl0U}} {{answer_54532540}} {{answer_f6Kn}}, {{answer_AcqJ}}, {{answer_yDRa}} the best shipping address to send them to? *

If your pantry address above is not the best address to recieve packages please select No. You will have an opportunity to provide an alternate address.
What is the street address we should ship to? *

What is the City? *

What is the ZIP Code? *

Who should we address the package to? *

and finally, please share any special delivery instructions.

Packages are shipped via UPS
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{{answer_53317897}} {{answer_53317857}} {{answer_53317864}} NY {{answer_53317878}} *

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